Every business needs powerful storytelling to grow

Every business needs powerful storytelling to grow

Every business needs powerful storytelling to growEvery business needs powerful storytelling to growEvery business needs powerful storytelling to grow

The Content Network

Storytelling is our passion, and growing your business through content is our purpose. Books, videos, magazines, the birth and rebirth of brands, digital content - we do it all, and we do it exceptionally well, using a unique business model that enables us to retain a diversity of professionals but remain nimble.

We don't waste time on buzzwords, clichés, and other empty words or phrases that demonstrate a lack of original thought. We get to the heart of your business. We get to know you and your goals, and we help you achieve them.

Storytelling is a timeless skill, one we’ve honed to perfection. Stories have been an essential driver of change throughout human history, and they remain a fundamental part of business development today. Let us tell your story.


Who We Are

The Content Network is a coalition of professional writers, designers, videographers, social media experts, event organizers, and production/print specialists who combine their expertise to bring any writing/video project or branding advancement to fruition.

Co-founders Natalie Bruckner and Robin Brunet structured The Content Network to represent a new way of service delivery. Simply put, we offer you the highest expertise from a variety of sources but with only one point of contact. You can engage one of us, some of us, or all of us depending on your needs. 


Why We Are

Increasingly, individuals and corporations seek a single source for their content projects. 

Robin, Natalie and The Content Network coalition have worked together (and continue to work) in the newspaper, magazine, publishing, and marketing/branding fields for decades; we decided the time has come to formally pool our expertise and resources.


How We Are

We’re proudly old school, while embracing the current structures of technology and business. This means we talk and write clearly, determine what your needs are, decide how they can be accommodated within specific time and budget frames - and then deliver goods you can be proud of.

Thanks to our business model, we haven’t cluttered The Content Network with unnecessary personnel who needlessly inflate budgets. We know what we’re doing and how to get the job done to your satisfaction without the excess baggage, with you in the loop every step of the way.

We can shift gears, accommodate last minute requests effortlessly, and have the experience to advise you so you end up with a product that is far better than you had imagined.

The content we provide is enriched by not only our technical experience but also our life experience. We’ve worked with every conceivable type of entrepreneur, business, and industry not just across Canada and the U.S., but internationally.


The Network

Robin Brunet (co-founder) - Writer


Robin’s journalism has been published in over 150 magazines, newspapers, websites, and other media across Canada and the U.S. since 1982. He has increasingly been relied upon as a general assignment troubleshooter and is the best-selling author of four books: Red Robinson: The Last Deejay, Let’s Get Frank,  The Last Broadcast; and Dirty Truths.

Robin’s clients have included the Workers Compensation Board, the B.C. Liberal Party, City of Surrey, Universal Pictures, Fluor, IBI Group, BMO, and UniPHARM pharmacies. 

Natalie Bruckner (co-founder) - Writer


Natalie is an award-winning environmental and feature writer, a Sony Radio Academy Award winner, and author of Canada Diary: Chasing The Simple Life. She has worked all over the world and has more than 23 years experience as a journalist, editor, and brand builder. 

She has tackled everything from celebrity exclusives to technical documents, and raised the profile of clients including the BBC, the United Nations, National Oceanic Atmospheric Association, Lamborghini, Goldcorp Inc., Stantec and CanadaWide Media. 

Dr. Guy Wilson-Roberts - Editor


Guy’s areas of expertise are business writing, social media, public speaking, presentations, and editing. He also focuses on brand management, helping to build public profiles for businesses, and media tools for individuals.

A business writer for 10 years in Vancouver, Canada, Guy was previously in academia and worked as a policy advisor in the New Zealand public service prior to coming to Canada more than 15 years ago. He has a PhD in political science. Guy was also the first Kiwi to join the Club des Cingles du Mont-Ventoux in France.

Kirsty Senior - Production and Publishing


Kirsty began her career as a magazine publisher in Sheffield, UK, in the 1990s and moved into contract publishing for Profile Pursuit Ltd. in London. 

In Canada she branched out as a production artist and imaging technician, as a print production manager, and more recently as assistant manager at UVIC Printing Services. Her clients have included Chelsea Football Club, the Welsh National Rugby team, 

and CanadaWide Media.

Laurel Ettinger - Design


Gifted with a strong visual acuity and attention to detail, Laurel has over two decades of experience in art direction and graphic and creative design, on projects from print publications to e-newsletters. 

She worked as an editorial and creative designer in Australia, was art director at CanadaWide Media for 14 years, and currently designs and manages collateral products such as signage, advertising, posters, rate cards, and media kits for a wide variety of clients.

Laurence Gauthier - Video Editor & Drone Pilot


Laurence is recognized as an exceptional video editor as well as a UAV aerial photographer and videographer, whose artistic skills combined with strict flight discipline and video/FPV training captures the essence of the brand. He is also an accomplished sales rep. 

His work has been featured on Global News, CBC, and The Squamish Chief, showcasing clients such as Glacier Community Media, The North Face, and not-for-profit organizations including DEBRA Canada. 

Paul Helmer - Video Producer


Paul has an extremely impressive career that began 15 years ago as an editor and then branched out into producing, leading numerous projects from concept, writing, production, post-production, to deliverables. 

Paul has written, produced, and edited a wide assortment of content, which includes

 branding pieces, promos, and informational segments, for clients ranging from the City of Calgary and CrimeStoppers to LoneStar Mercedes-Benz and ServPro.

Alexandra Pett - Events


Alexandra has engaged teams through learning, motivation and fun for over 25 years. She has worked across a vast array of industries, for companies including Bell, PSP Investments, and Bayer.

Alexandra has helped hundreds of leading companies to provide quantifiable training and development programs. She offers highly interactive and measurable training that gives a comprehensive understanding of unique cultural and business needs.

Zuzia Wodzynska - Social Media


Zuzia’s involvement in the outdoor recreation/tourism sectors enables her to effectively utilize her social media marketing skills on their behalf. She has developed multi-level campaigns for Destination Marketing Organizations, including Destination BC, Travel Alberta, and Tourism Canada. 

She worked closely as client liaison with Hootsuite to help develop their employee advocacy app, Amplify, and has held marketing positions with non-profit organizations.

Content Network Toronto Affiliates

Carolyn Kilbourne - Media/Public Relations

Carolyn’s 25 years of communications experience have brought her in front of some of Canada’s most iconic brands. 

Clients who have sought her expertise include Microsoft Canada, Kellogg Canada, Choice Hotels Canada, the Italian Trade Agency, HomeStars, and the Office of the Secretary of the Governor General of Canada.

Lauren Wasley - Media/Public Relations

Lauren has spent the past 11 years working with global clients from Warner Home Video to Corby Spirit and Wine, Hotels.com and POM Wonderful. She has developed a sought-after skillset with a keen focus on communications, creative content, and media and public relations.

Lauren  specializes in getting brands noticed for all the right reasons.

Advisory Board

Frank Palmer


Frank Palmer is one of the North American advertising community’s most respected leaders and humanitarians.

Frank created Canada’s most creatively acclaimed marketing communications agency; remade DDB into a powerhouse brand (DDB Canada was ranked by the Gunn Report as one of the `Most awarded Agencies in the World’ more times than any other Canadian agency), and he is credited with changing the face of Canadian advertising. 

Red Robinson


An icon in Canadian radio and television broadcasting, Red Robinson was 

the first radio disc jockey in the country to regularly play rock ‘n’ roll records.

Red founded Trend Advertising (which helped open the first McDonald’s restaurants in Canada) and co-founded Vrlak Robinson Hayhurst Communications Ltd., one of the largest advertising agencies in Vancouver. His philanthropic achievements include helping raise over $100 million for children in BC as the host of Timmy’s Christmas Telethon.

Praise for Content Network’s co-founders


“In addition to her word savvy, Natalie has a keen sense for the overall look and feel of a publication - how graphics & art support the editorial - and has extensive experience liaising between editorial and graphics staff.” - Krista Boehnert, communications & marketing, University of Victoria

“Natalie brings together the skills of a story teller, truth seeker and passionate advocate for the environment through media exposure . . . she delivers the right words that we all need to read.” - Dr Daniel Lack, NOAA

“Natalie is a great professional. She knows how to turn briefs into great articles. She is very knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her.” - Nicolas Serres, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

“Brunet’s new book [Let’s Get Frank] will be read by future generations of entrepreneurs and budding admen as a field guide in how to build and nourish a successful company.” - Dr. Angus Reid, Canadian pollster and founder of the Angus Reid Institute

“This was a wonderful read: It had a lot of `truths’ that people dare not talk about.”- Bruce Allen, Bruce Allen Talent (regarding `Dirty Truths’, by Robin Brunet)

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with Robin for the past 12 years through many dozens of projects.  Robin is incredibly easy to work with - his attention to detail and his ability to take the complicated and deliver back the written word that is digestible is second to none. I truly hope we have many more creative and interesting projects ahead.” - Dean Mailey, president and founder, Fusion Communication Group

Praise for Content Network’s professional group


“Laurel is quick to interpret often confusing briefs and determine the essence of what the client is looking for without extensive explanations. She provides design options that are clean, professional, and on target, all the while respecting delivery commitments. Laurel also understands the pressures to work within budgets and explore ideas that deliver great value for the dollar.”- Casey Crawford, project manager, CanadaWide Media

"Kirsty has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of printing requirements and was often relied upon to contribute to product planning and troubleshooting of issues." - Kim McLane, director of production, CanadaWide Media

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alex! As a planner with over 20 years of event experience, I am always looking for innovative ways to inspire our delegates. This year [Alex] gave us that true wow factor.” - Lindsey Swan, National Events Manager for Raymond James