What People are saying about us

“In addition to her word savvy, Natalie has a keen sense for the overall look and feel of a publication - how graphics & art support the editorial - and has extensive experience liaising between editorial and graphics staff.” - Krista Boehnert, communications & marketing, University of Victoria

“Natalie brings together the skills of a story teller, truth seeker and passionate advocate for the environment through media exposure...she delivers the right words that we all need to read.” - Dr. Daniel Lack, NOAA

“Natalie is a great professional. She knows how to turn briefs into great articles. She is very knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her.” - Nicolas Serres, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

“Brunet’s new book [Let’s Get Frank] will be read by future generations of entrepreneurs and budding admen as a field guide in how to build and nourish a successful company.” – Dr. Angus Reid, Canadian pollster and founder of the Angus Reid Institute

“This was a wonderful read: It had a lot of `truths’ that people dare not talk about.”– Bruce Allen, Bruce Allen Talent (regarding `Dirty Truths’, by Robin Brunet)

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with Robin for the past 12 years through many dozens of projects.  Robin is incredibly easy to work with - his attention to detail and his ability to take the complicated and deliver back the written word that is digestible is second to none. I truly hope we have many more creative and interesting projects ahead.” – Dean Mailey, president and founder, Fusion Communication Group

“Laurel is quick to interpret often confusing briefs and determine the essence of what the client is looking for without extensive explanations. She provides design options that are clean, professional, and on target, all the while respecting delivery commitments. Laurel also understands the pressures to work within budgets and explore ideas that deliver great value for the dollar.”– Casey Crawford, project manager, CanadaWide Media

"Kirsty has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of printing requirements and was often relied upon to contribute to product planning and troubleshooting of issues." – Kim McLane, director of production, CanadaWide Media

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alex! As a planner with over 20 years of event experience, I am always looking for innovative ways to inspire our delegates. This year [Alex] gave us that true wow factor.” 

- Lindsey Swan, National Events Manager for Raymond Jame