The Content Network is a coalition of professional writers, designers, videographers, social media experts, event organizers, and production/print specialists who combine their expertise to bring any writing/video project or branding advancement to fruition.

Co-founders Natalie Bruckner and Robin Brunet structured The Content Network to represent a new way of service delivery. Simply put, we offer you the highest expertise from a variety of sources but with only one point of contact. You can engage one of us, some of us, or all of us depending on your needs. 

Increasingly, individuals and corporations seek a single source for their content projects. Natalie, Robin, and the The Content Network coalition have worked together (and continue to work) in the newspaper, magazine, publishing, and marketing/branding fields for decades; we decided the time has come to formally pool our expertise and resources.

Thanks to our business model, we haven’t cluttered The Content Network with unnecessary personnel who needlessly inflate budgets. We know what we’re doing and how to get the job done to your satisfaction without the excess baggage, with you in the loop every step of the way.

We can shift gears, accommodate last minute requests effortlessly, and have the experience to advise you so you end up with a product that is far better than you had imagined.